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Cancun Giveaway Details - You can win a trip to Cancun just for referring others to
Promotion - Cancun Vacation!
Hoploads wishes to express appreciation for your membership and this is why we are covering your room fees in Cancun, Mexico.
Click Here to see the winners destination! As well as more information about Club Solaris!
How Do You Win?
  • Simply refer 4 people (companies) to
  • These 4 people must remain members for at least 3 months and then YOU WIN!
  • Anyone that's been a member to 4 years or more is automatically a WINNER!
  • Wow, just imagine yourself living it up on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico.
What Exactly Do You Win?
  • Up to 1 week (7 days and 6 nights) at the Club Solaris 5 star resort Cancun, Mexico for up to 8 individuals. For more information about Club Solaris click here.

  • Hoploads will cover the cost of the Hotel Resort Room (up to a $200 per night value per room). It is the responsibility of the "winner" to pay all airline fees, and the "All Inclusive" fees at the resort which are due before the trip/vacation.

  • Any and all rooms (that are available) can be reserved for this trip/vacation up to and including the Presidentual Suite. All trip/vacations are required to be reserved 45 days in advance.

  • "All Inclusive Fee" - This is the fee that covers all meals and drinks during your stay at the Club Solaris 5 star resort Cancun, Mexico. These fees vary depending on the time of year that the trip/vacation is reserved. The all inclusive fees are due at time of reservation.
Who Wins?
  • The individual, this is not a company give away this is an individual give away. If new members state your name as the referral then you qualify to win, its that easy.
When Does it Start and End?
  • STARTS NOW (August 2016)
  • End:  It's ONGOING for now!!!   We sincerely appreciate your referrals and your business!
  • Contact Donna at for details.
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